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Great News We are getting posted on a important webpage

All of us are seriously fired up right now. I just got become aware of that one of my PR story was going to get widely distributed by Google. I’m unsure what the lift will be to visits to our blog, however am certain that it will have a positive impact on our traffic.

Its sort of surprising that a important network would pick up my company’s story. I am guessing it is a slower news day for all of them.

Being a small business owner its great to see a little guy win once and a while.

With regards to the amount of website visitors we will notice, its truly a best guess but hopefully we see 100 new targeted traffic to our site. If we can get a 7% call in rate that would just be large for our small business. No matter of the quantity of targeted visitors, I am most certain that this will create some new customers for us.

It might be wishful thinking, it may lead to some more exposure for our Colorado customers.

We will keep you updated regarding any posts from the network. I will remain cautiously optimistic, until the PR story is posted on their website.

You can learn more about my business here.


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